What Turns You Toward Creativity?

Jennifer Manlowe, Rock & Doll (created Fall 2010)

Rollo May’s The Courage to Create, a classic from the seventies, is a book I recommend if you want to explore the psychology of creativity. May talks about inspiration and breakthroughs and explores the role of the unconscious in creativity.

The Courage to Create offers several suggestions that can turn you toward greater creativity:

  • May says, “the unconscious seems to take delight in breaking through…what we cling to in our conscious thinking.”
  • The breakthrough shakes up our calm world, the status quo of our thinking.
  • During the breakthrough, everything is vivid, as we are in a heightened state of consciousness—which intensifies the memory and the senses.
  • The breakthrough comes during the transition between work and relaxation. 
Einstein wondered, “Why is it that inspiration seems to come while I’m shaving?”

What supports your turn toward creativity?

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