Can Writing A Memoir Be A Wake Up Call?

Award-winning author Mary Cappello is not only a unique poet, she’s a trenchant activist—the kind of artist that makes you see something you thought you knew very well as if for the first time.

The title, Called Back, comes from the tombstone and last words of Emily Dickinson. The book’s jacket cover makes an x-ray morph into an impossibly beautiful flower of sorts. Will it bloom or whither? We cannot tell. Thus, before the reader even opens the book to read page one, she encounters the way this gifted writer thinks, feels and sees the world after hearing that she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Learning that you have cancer would wake up anyone but Cappello turns this “journey” in to a wake up call for her readers. Inspired by the way she frames her experience of being “called back” after her previous breast exam, we learn more about the world not only in and around her but in and around all of us. We cannot help but feel with her as she is handled in all kinds of ways—frightening, infuriating and at times with tender care.

Called Back is unlike any other book about “living with cancer”—there’s no “cancer is a gift” message, no search for a new age, karmic cause, nor is there any romance with corporate pink ribbon “activism” toward “cancer awareness.” What does cancer awareness even mean or produce?

As author Megan Sullivan says, “Called Back is for all of us—those of us who do not have cancer, those of us who do, and those of us who will someday.”

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