Making Fear Work For You…

“It’s not the fear of writing that blocks people, it’s fear of not writing well; something quite different.” ~ Scott Berkun

Fear can be a huge boulder in any writer’s path, preventing her or him from being able to see that there might be a way to work with, even capitalize on, its universality.

Fear has a way of throwing us off balance, making us feel uncertain and insecure, but it is not meant to discourage us. Its purpose is to notify us that we are taking steps away from our comfort zone and across that scary bridge that connects our old life with our new one.

It’s a good idea to remember that fear never goes away. But sometimes some of them shrink. I compare my fears to miserable, cave-dwelling Trolls under the bridge of possibility.

They seem to make it their primary goal to keep me scared and preferring to wait on the familiar side of the bridge—the “safe” one I’ve known most of my life. But, I believe that whenever we face our fear, we overcome an inner obstacle and move into new territory, both inside and out.

Many would-be authors let their fears keep them from embracing their writerly possibilities. Which type of fear keeps you from fulfilling your writing goals?

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Read More Here Might Fear Be An Asset For A Writer? Published: February 9, 2011


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