Grace Paley: How to Be A Great Writer While Spending Half Your Life Picketing, Leafleting, Sitting In, Teaching Out and Getting Arrested

I’m so thrilled to have met Grace Paley in New Hampshire (mid 1990s)! I cannot wait to see this new documentary about this celebrated writer/artist/activist, inspiration to all. See trailer of Lilly Rivlin’s vibrant film Grace Paley: Collected Shorts here!

February 12, 2011 |
Photo Diana Davies
Nora Eisenberg of AlterNet writes:
“For those of us who followed the art and life of writer/activist Grace Paley, it is hard to believe she has been gone almost four years. A year of memorials all around the country replayed her spirited activism and arrests, her wild and wise stories, and her remarkable face, which maintained into age and infirmity a child’s quick smile and mischievous gaze.

“Then, as the year of memorials ended, yearly memorial celebrations began sprouting throughout the country, and promise to continue. Now Lilly Rivlin’s vibrant film Grace Paley: Collected Shorts, which premiered in July at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and has screened to sold-out audiences since, picking up festival awards along the way, celebrates Paley again. Fittingly, Rivlin’s film bounces with the voice and image of Grace and family, friends and colleagues reminiscing about the Grace they knew…an inimitable powerhouse, whose art and activism shook up the world of letters and the halls of power.”

Read more about Paley here!

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