Not All Memoirs Need To Be Confessional…

Judi Dench’s latest work, And Furthermore, will disappoint fans who want a peek at Ms. Dench’s personal life. It’s strictly off-limits. (“I think you’re entitled to keep those things to yourself if that’s what you wish,” she said.)

But readers will walk away with a keen sense of her philosophy on life: take your art seriously but never yourself.

Consider, for instance, what happened in 1976, when Ms. Dench was performing in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of “The Comedy of Errors.” One night before the curtain went up, she found a single person in the audience — a lady in a green coat — and decided to aim the performance squarely at her.

“I did it absolutely directly at her,” Ms. Dench said, “and I told everybody that I was doing it for her.”

The woman left at intermission.

Ms. Dench said another get-over-yourself moment came in 1986, when a London theater was named after her. The announcer at the naming ceremony inexplicably gave her this introduction: “Here she is! Miss Judy Geeson.” (Ms. Geeson is a British actress.)

Ms. Dench said her husband, Michael Williams, who died in 2001, was upset but that she was not. “It’s very good for you to have things like that happen,” she said stretched out on the Four Seasons sofa. “Don’t presume that you are so special that mistakes can’t happen to you.”

Read more of this New York Times Review HERE.

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