Trickster: An Anthropological Memoir by Eileen Kane

Eileen Kane’s experiences seem so similar to my own. I’m thrilled to see her pull so many things together in one memoir in a skillful, playful and talented-writerly way. She seems to be my kind of PRO!

I love this description:

“Eileen Kane is a professional anthropologist, with the fieldwork to prove it, but she made her mark in the world educating the rest of us shmucks, not the cognoscenti. I think that was probably more valuable to us.

“Her memoir, TRICKSTER, of her first foray into fieldwork is replete with humor, detail and wisdom. She spins the tale of a young female anthropologist venturing out with insecurity into a male dominated world, in 1964, right after her marriage, risking everything, including the cross looks from folk in her home town.”

I, too, feel my non-academic book (a self-published memoir called Cracking Up) may have helped—and entertained—more people than my academic books (published by NYU Press). Who knows?

Best to all of you memoirists out there. Keep on writing. If I can be a published writer, you can, too!


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