Two Memoir Writing Contest Announcements

First, are you looking for a great contest to enter? Lynn Goodwin just sent me a notice about her memoir (and fiction) contest. She wrote:

Give this contest a try, what do you have to lose?

“Writers can never have enough opportunities to share their work. We look forward to reading your best prose.”


You have just more than a month to enter — plenty of time to write a new piece or to polish a vignette you’ve been working on.

Second, Kendra and I want to remind you about our March memoir writing contest with entries due March 31. This year, each of our contests features something about the coming month — the month in which we announce the winner(s). That means our March contest is featuring April — anything about April that you’d like to write. It might be April Fools Day or Easter or spring showers, or your birthday or…

Write like an 8th grader:

For example, I remember April Fools Day when I was a child. My father always fixed coffee in the morning. It was part of his ritual. He then took a cup to my mother who soon afterwards launched into the day’s activities. But for that little bit of time, I could join him in the kitchen and have him all to myself. One April 1, I thought up the clever idea to say to my father: “Daddy, Daddy. There’s a spider in your coffee.” The first time, he looked at the brewing coffee, and said, “Where?” I jumped up and down saying, “April Fools Day.” Lacking imagination, the next year, I did the same trick. He once again looked around expressing concern as if I had him totally fooled. His willingness to reenact this scene for several years (probably more than I want to acknowledge) was pure Daddy. He loved people and gave me unconditional love not just on April 1 but every day.

Perhaps you have a special memory of a day in April from your past. You’ll find all the contest rules on: Be sure to submit your entry by March 31.

Be sure to schedule a 15-minute complimentary book coaching session via email:  If we begin working together, my eBook—Writing From Life: A Wise Guide to Publishing Your Memoirs—will be yours as part of the coaching package.

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