What Should My Book Proposal Include?

Ask me how?

A book proposal should include the following:

Title Page: A cover sheet including your book title, your name, and your address.

Manuscript Overview: 3–5 pages of dramatically and powerfully stated summations that define your work and what distinguishes it from any other book on the market. This should include the central thesis and anticipated editorial questions.

Approach/Specification: Describe word length, number of chapters, types of illustrations, and any unique organizational schemes or formats.

Market Analysis: Describe the target market for the book, and any facts, statistics, trends, or analyses that should persuasively convince us that this is a “can’t miss” book. Remember, acquisitions are increasingly determined by the marketing and sales departments of publishing houses.

Promotion/Publicity: Promotion is what we pay for; publicity is what you pay for. How will you publicize your book? Give us realistic suggestions based on your experience and skills. Can you speak to groups? Do you write for a newspaper or magazine? Are you in radio or television? How will you let people know about your book and send them into the bookstores to buy it?

Competition: List five books that will compete with your book. Describe them briefly to show that you are familiar with these titles. This section shows how market savvy you are and is critical in conveying your awareness of the publishing realities necessary to be successful.

About the Author: Give a strong description of yourself, and list your other publications and relevant expertise in the publishing field. Journalistic style is best for this description. A formal vita can be included. This section is ultimately a showcase of your talent, career, and history—it is a statement that says why you are the perfect person to write the book that you are proposing. Include a professionally taken photograph of yourself if you have one.

Table of Contents Page: List the titles of chapters included in the book with a brief explanation of the content if necessary.

Sample Chapter: Include one sample chapter from your book that sells us on your proposal—be sure to include anything provocative and compelling that will appear in your book.

(Please do not bind or staple your proposal)

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