Memoir can introduce to our closest friends and loved ones a bigger picture of who we are, a self they only knew in bits and pieces…

When writing a memoir, you recast yourself as a writer and as a person. It may not be the point of doing it but it surely is the outcome.

Friends of decades tell you they learned things about you they never knew. Even your spouse will register surprise, if not about information then about the context you’ve given it. My friends, anyway, did that after they read Faith, Interrupted, and so did my wife. With her, it was the degree to which I miss the faith that dominated my life (happily, for me) until I went away to college and for more than a decade after.

Eric Lax, author of "Faith Interrupted"

Reading Faith, Interrupted gave my wife a new insight into me, even 28 years into our marriage. This surprised me and made me realize that we tell our stories in bits and pieces, and so often they don’t coalesce into a whole narrative.

Read interview (in full) HERE.

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