Good Readers Make Great Writers

"Summer Reading" Jennifer Young

My author friend and writing tip blogger, Mary Clare, urges her clients to “use the summer months to read a lot.” I find myself hovering over my keyboard in the winter months as my favorite form of hibernation. I’m fairly certain that I’m not alone here in the Pacific Northwest.

But, in the summer months, my favorite writer friends and I use beach time as a way to catch up on all the reading we missed all winter. If you’re like me, these include the books collecting dust by on my bedside table.

From June 1st until Labor Day, I find it helpful to read books in my favorite genre, memoir (given that I’m Your Memoir Mentor and Writing Coach!).

If you’ve gotten halfway into writing your manuscript and feel stuck, choose books that’ll kick start your imagination—it works.

Just yesterday, I recommended to one of my most prolific clients that she read the very last chapter of Mary Karr’s Liar’s Club. Why would I do such a thing? My client is finishing up her very last chapter of her memoir-like novel and wants to bring it to a close with a bang not a whimper (a la T.S. Eliot). If I were her tennis coach, I’d recommend she play with the best to improve her game.

Mary Karr’s first memoir (and the two that followed) blasts her reader with truths unimaginable in the last 15 pages. Why not learn from the great writers working in your genre?

‎”I read hungrily and delightedly, and have realized since that you can’t write unless you read.” ~ William Trevor

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One thought on “Good Readers Make Great Writers

  1. Barbara Winter says:

    I always think of summer as reading time, too. I try to revisit at least one classic, which I tend to neglect the rest of the year. And I’m also convinced that anyone who wants to write needs to be a devoted, regular reader.

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