Jennifer Manlowe, Your Writing Mentor

Hi, my name is Jennifer Manlowe and I’m an author, philosophy professor, speaker and Certified Publishing Coach helping people find their voice through writing and publishing their memoirs. For over 20 years, (as a professor and writing consultant), I’ve guided others through the entire process of writing, editing and sharing their writing with the world. While I was completing my doctorate in Psychology and Religion, I worked at Princeton University Press in book marketing.

Please subscribe to this blog for writers via this very website (at the upper right corner of this page). When you sign up to work together, you’ll receive all the tips and techniques you need to produce a successful memoir.  Whether you want to publish your story commercially or privately, working with me—your Memoir Mentor—will give you a one-stop resource. We will cover these topics and more:

♥ How to promote dramatic tension

♥ Three keys for sustaining reader interest

♥ How to overcome writer’s block

♥ What personal details to delete

♥ Why you should avoid the passive voice

♥ Sure-fire strategies for handling dialogue

♥ How to distinguish “telling” from “showing”

♥ Why speaking in your own voice magnetizes your just-right readers

♥ Ways to pull details and scenes out of the tangle of memories

♥ Techniques for organizing memories and ways to shape them

♥ Methods for steering between truth and memory

♥ How to apply elements of story-telling

♥ Skills for coping with painful or awkward memories

♥ How to keep going when you hit a wall

Writing your memoir is not only about the past. It provides creative rewards now and in the future. Sign up now to receive my help. As your Memoir Mentor I will teach you how to fulfill your wish to share your story with the world.

Be sure to schedule a 30-minute complimentary book coaching session via email:  If we begin working together, my eBook—Writing From Life: A Wise Guide to Publishing Your Memoirs—will be yours as part of the coaching package.

Jennifer Manlowe, PhD, CPC
Your Memoir Mentor & Writing Coach
Life Design Publishing



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    I’m on my way —>

  2. Jean Walton says:

    Great Blog, Jenn!

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