Molly Manlowe (my niece and would-be author)

“Dr. Manlowe, I would never have believed I could learn so much in one single seminar. I came home packed with not only information – with practical next steps – to apply to my writing, but a way of being that felt more powerful for going forward as a creator of my life.” ~ Nanette

“Jennifer, I have so much fun with you, brainstorming different ways to turn my writing into sites for income. We generated so many possibilities that I just hated for our time to end. I am so glad we met and feel so blessed to have your unique gifts working to guide me for publishing what’s next.” ~ Lacey

“I am so delighted to have experienced your loving and wise guidance. The book coaching you provided me was perfect. I love the poems and philosophical quotes you shared with me – and even encouraged me to steal from you – and the beautiful thoughtfulness and perceptive methods you provided. As you must know by now, I am sometimes shy when faced with your vibrant presence so I am not sure if I expressed my gratitude as fervently as I felt it. Thank you so much. I value, love, and respect your approach to book coaching and your sensitivity to my style and my pace.” ~ Saundra

“I cannot believe where I was a year ago and where I am today because of our work together. These past 18 months have whizzed by. Who knew that my random ideas could come together so clearly and powerfully? Thanks so much for mentoring me and getting that workbook out of me somehow.” ~ Ally

“Jennifer, you are scarily insightful and you’ve helped me in so many ways. You’re such an honest listener. Speaking with you has felt like being part of a heartfelt dialogue that has almost always led to new discoveries about myself. With your guidance and helpful goading, I am finally moving in the right direction as a screenwriter and in my life, while facing what, until receiving your help, I saw as insurmountable obstacles. Through your patient counsel, and writings exercises, you’ve shown me how to fight RESISTANCE, to honor the parts of myself that I have ignored or denied for much of my adult life, and to move toward the life of a paid writer—something I’ve wanted for so long and now believe I deserve.” ~ Victor

“If you’re thinking of hiring Jennifer, know this, she is no ordinary ‘Coach,’ she’s more like a midwife who pulls out that book you have inside of you and helps you share it with the world. She’s not interested in my publishing history, she’s most curious about my current passions and turning my dreams of becoming an author into reality. I promise you, if you want to publish your own work, you won’t be disappointed. Manlowe WILL get you to complete what you say you want to do.” ~ Deanna

“I would describe our work as just what I needed—an intensive brainstorming session on how to turn my journal into a Spiritual Memoir. You are clearly someone who has experience as an author, publisher and book marketer. You also have a keen mind, and a talent for remaining laser-like as a coach. You’ve helped me see “outside the box” that I have created for myself. I would highly recommend you to anybody that’s tired of playing it safe.” ~ Deb

“Jennifer is an excellent speaker. She offers up her knowledge and expertise with clarity and grace. Her book publishing and marketing seminars are truly enjoyable!” ~ Kelsly

“Jennifer, I so appreciate this opportunity to work (and walk!) with you. I am so lucky to have found you and know I would not be this far along with my writing if it weren’t for you. You really are a remarkable person in so many ways and I’m so excited to have finally walked through those things that stopped me in my past.” ~ Robinette

“I liked best your inviting me to invent myself as a writer by practicing online first (by blogging). By working with you, I found a way to make sense of my schedule to allow more time to write—and, as you know, I’m a single mom! Thank you so much for helping me write in ways that are as strong as they are clear.” ~ Courtney

“Jennifer, you’re so inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. I would recommend working with you to anyone who is sick of just accepting the rest of the world’s mentality that you’ve got to publish with a major press or you’ll never become a best selling author. Look at your colleague, Patrick Snow! At your Author-Publishing Institute, you two gave me so many resources and ideas on how to market and use social media to promote myself as a writer. Before working with you, I found networking and sharing myself publicly to be something I would never feel comfortable doing.” ~ Jan

“I was failing the traditional educational system and I thought it was due to the fact that I was mentally defective or something. After talking with you and going through your ‘igniting creativity’ exercises, I found out that I just have a different style than most kids my age. You’ve really helped me see that I am smart and now I believe that I could become a journalist some day.” ~ Alejandro, (age 16)

“Jenn, by far, you are the best teacher, the best coach, I’ve ever had in my life – and, I promise you, I’ve had a lot! Still, no one has ever taken me as far as you have taken me in my goals to be a best-selling author. I am so grateful for you!” ~ Lou

Praise for Manlowe’s Books

“We are especially fortunate to have Dr. Jennifer Manlowe with us on our journey in becoming more whole, compassionate people for both ourselves and others. In candidly sharing her own experiences, such as she expresses in Loving Life As It Is, her words inspire us to create positive changes in our lives and our worlds. Manlowe’s brilliance and sheer breadth of knowledge could easily overwhelm or condescend. Rather, she approaches what may be the unfamiliar concept or theory with great humility. With loving personal warmth and humor and an unusual eye toward living life practically, she leaves the reader feeling as though they have been honored with a personal treasure. And they have. Her literature is on my bookshelf next to those feminist authors I read and re-read for their grounding wisdom. Manlowe’s is a uniquely moving and focused voice that women, and men, urgently need, particularly in these uncertain times.” ~ Sue Di Paola, M.S.C., J.D.

“What a difficult read! And yet, I recommend your book, Faith Born of Seduction, to every person concerned with their weight and religious heritage. Who knew these issues could be related to physical and sexual abuse in our pasts? Thank you so much for letting each one these woman’s stories be told.” ~ Sister Jae

“Jennifer, thanks so much for sending me your book, Sound View: A Writer’s Journal. It is now part of my regular daily writing routine. I appreciate your encouragement in so many ways. Thanks, too, for facilitating our monthly Saturday retreat of women wanting to learn how to use the internet. Finally, thanks for bringing your other books—I sent them off in the mail today and hope my friends find them as inspiring and helpful as I did. Bless you and your many gifts.” ~ Mae

“When we worked together for those four months, I was so glad to have your workbook Getting Into Print to guide me between sessions. Besides writing tips, it gave me lots of relevant information about the world of publishing, marketing and promoting my own book, when that time comes, of course.” ~ Kelyn

“I picked up your book, Sound View: A Writer’s Journal, at my doctor’s office and was delighted to find it online so I could order two copies, immediately! Besides the drop-dead-wonderful content—your format is great for anyone who wants to write or create a visual journal—the blank space for thinking, projecting, writing or painting is INSPIRED. Hope to meet you very soon, perhaps at one of your upcoming publishing seminars. Best of luck with this motivational and functional (rare qualities together) book!!!” ~ Dorothy M.

“I’m so thrilled to return to my writing with the prompts from your book Polishing the Mirror. You’ve provided me a way to visualize my life with success, purpose and meaning. I feel open and excited to learn what’s next and, in the mean time, enjoy what is here.” ~ AnnMarie

“I swear to God, I laughed, I cried, I almost peed my pants at one point. Your book Cracking Up: Notes from A Good Girrrl Gone Bad was full of so many ideas that I could relate to that it was scary. You’ve inspired me to finally put pen to paper to write my own memoir as a Jungian psychologist. Thank you so much!” ~ Dannel

Be sure to schedule a 15-minute complimentary session via email: AuthorizeU@gmail.com. If we begin working together, my eBook—Writing From Life: A Wise Guide to Publishing Your Memoirs—will be yours as part of the coaching package.


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  1. Thanks so much for putting me in touch with your friend, Maria Ross!

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