• Memoir Speaking Engagements and Workshops

  • Skype, Online, Phone or In-Person Coaching

  • Memoir Writing TeleSeminars

  • Content Development Editing

  • Comprehensive Web Editing

  • Ghost Writing

  • Genealogical Research Program

  • Video Interviews

  • Memoir in DVD

  • Creating Book Marketing Plan

  • Publicity, Promotion, Blogging, Book Trailer Videos, and more.



Could one-time, special-issue coaching be the right choice for you? Absolutely, if:

• You have something specific you’d like to work on and you’re sure one or two sessions will be enough, or…

• You just need advice or a sounding board for a single writing issue, question, or concern, or…

• You need quick help for a time-sensitive choice.
The rate for one-time coaching is $160 for 40 minutes.

Get your 30-minute complimentary sample session now. Set up an appointment via

Find Jennifer Manlowe’s books in any bookstore or order them HERE!

P.S. Please, NEVER LET MONEY CONCERNS STOP YOU from completing your writing and publishing goals. Talk with me about your ideal cost and, perhaps, we can find a middle way. I’ve had clients pay me as much as $350 an hour to as little as $50 an hour. Please call 206.617-8832 today and see what’s possible for you.


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