Lets get started!

You’re ready for a writing coach if you’re ready for constructive feedback on your writing, having trouble getting started, or looking for help with certain aspects of a work-in-progress.

I believe we all have a book inside just waiting to come out and into the world.

About Writing and Publishing Coaching

Professional book coaching is an ongoing relationship that focuses on you taking action toward the realization of your vision and goals to write and publish your memoir.

As your coach, I provide support as a collaborator, a partner in your quest for success as a would-be author. My writing and publishing coaching is just a phone call away. No need to wait: 206.617-8832

What do Book Coaches Do?

  • Help you set smart goals and then reach those goals. S = specific M =measurable A = achievable R = results in T = time.
  • Ask their clients to do more than they would have done on their own.
  • Focus their clients better to produce results more quickly.
  • Provide the tools, support, structure, and accountability to accomplish more.

What happens when you hire a book publishing and writing coach?

  • You develop a new awareness about your inner writer.
  • You begin to be intentional with your time.
  • You take yourself more seriously (with a lighter grip).
  • You notice what drains your energy and stop putting up with it.
  • You set greater goals than you would have on your own.
  • You make better choices and move into effective action.
  • You do things more easily and effortlessly, you stop pushing.
  • You take daily actions that grow you as a writer.
  • You are less easily distracted regarding your mission.
  • If you get do get off course, you can get back on track more quickly.
  • You create momentum as a writer so it’s easier to get results.
  • Depending on your commitment, pace and style, you complete your mission and hold your published book in your hands within a year and-a-half!

How do I know I am ready for coaching?

You are ready for memoir coaching when you begin to have a rumbling hunger to share your life stories with the world in the form of writing.

  • When you are prepared to take great care of yourself and to produce a written work of art based on your life.
  • When you are willing to confront the risks of change in exchange for the adventure of living and sharing yourself wholeheartedly.
  • When you want to rediscover the magic and passion of being creative.
  • When you are seeking to write, share and live more authentically.
  • When you are ready to commit to a minimum four to 18-month relationship and can afford the cost of coaching.

Happy Client

“I am so delighted to have experienced your loving and wise guidance. The book coaching you provided me was perfect. I love the poems and philosophical quotes you shared with me – and even encouraged me to steal from you – and the beautiful thoughtfulness and perceptive methods you provided. As you must know by now, I am sometimes shy when faced with your vibrant presence so I am not sure if I expressed my gratitude as fervently as I felt it. Thank you so much. I value, love, and respect your approach to book coaching and your sensitivity to my style and my pace.” ~ K.

Be sure to schedule a 30-minute complimentary book coaching session via email: AuthorizeU@gmail.com.  If we begin working together, my eBook—Writing From Life: A Wise Guide to Publishing Your Memoirs—will be yours as part of the coaching package.


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